Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nirvana at the Belly Up on Saturday

That got your attention.
No I didn't see a dead rock star sing! I never did see Kurt, sadly.

Still walking on air after seeing Rufus Wainwright on Saturday.

My fellow Rufian Laura took the train down from LA Saturday afternoon.
We had a long, leisurely late lunch - I made Indian vegetarian food (dal, aloo gobi and mattar panir and rice, followed by burfee which is like Indian fudge only not so sweet).

Laura, my husband Sujoy and I arrived at the club at 6:15 and met a few fellow groupies - there is a small circle of diehards here in soCal...so that was fun chattting with them.

We went in and got right up to the front of the stage and waited for Teddy Thompson. (I am gaga over his last cd, Separate Ways, so I was excited about seeing him again).
Laura and I pre-ordered Rufus' new cd, and in turn we were given a VIP badge which we annoyingly flashed at eachother a la Wayne's World! This badge allowed us to go meet Ru and have him sign our cd after the show.

Teddy played a beautiful set, mostly solo. He only performed a few songs from his last cd, concentrating on new material from a cd that will be released in July. I enjoyed his set very much - it was mellow, but good. Love his voice and, yeah shallow Sue didn't mind looking at him either!

Rufus came on shortly and gave THE best performance I have ever seen.
He wore a crazy outfit: striped shirt, striped pants, a white ribbon around his neck in lieu of a real tie, and brooches on his shirt AND pants! (His fans know he loves brooches so they always bestow him with brooches!). If that wasn't enough, his entire 6 piece band was also dressed in stripes, and they all wore brooches!!! The man is too funny.

This is the best shot I got, taken with my cell phone, because I was afraid to bring my camera.

Rufus performed 23 songs - I think it was about a 2 1/2 hour show. I have never seen him more relaxed or happy. He kept smiling - he looked like a handsome Lepruchan, minus the red hair, beard and green suit! LOL He has the cutest appley red cheeks.
Ok stop Sue!

Highlights: there were SO many, but a stand outs were "Beautiful Child" w/the fab horn section...I Don't Know What It Is, 2 songs from the Judy Garland tribute (he sounded better than at Carnegie Hall), a new one and I am not sure of the title, but it was very apocolyptic/Radioheadish... INTENSE, MAGNIFICENT...AWE INDUCING. Another new one, "Leaving for Paris" made Laura cry, it was that gorgeous (she studied there last year).

Rufus is a natural comedian/ham...near the end of the show, he said, "my band tells me the women are HOT here in San Diego. I wouldn't know...but they assure me that they are...so I'll start auctioning them off for brooches!" Cute cute cute.

After the show, we waited in line to get our cd signed. I knew they were hurrying everyone along...so this is what I said:

"HI RUFUS!!!!" grinning profusely. I touched his hand and asked how his mother was doing. (I am not sure, but I believe she has a serious illness...I know she was ill from his board). He said she is fine, then I leaned into him and said, "give Martha a hug for me...I introduced her to Pete Townshend and Rachel Fuller...Lala helped me" (Lala was his techie).
Most people know the story, I won't bore anyone now w/the details! I did it via email and MySpace after having met Martha in October 2005. I have met her many times, she remembers me!
So Rufus smiled and nodded and said, "I will tell Martha you said hi."
Then the security guard gave me a hard time so I walked away, as Rufus said "BYYYYYE," and he didn't sign Laura's cd until he saw that I looked back and he smiled and said BYE again!

Ta da.
That was my night in a nutshell.



Lee said...

Hey Sue. I am new to this blog and would like to hear the story of introducing Martha to Pete and Rachel. Also, you speak of a "Pete Blogger community" -- what is that and how may I join it? :)
I'm a huge fan....
check out my website www.emharrington.com and see if you can spot the Pete reference.
Lee Harrington

Anonymous said...

::le sigh::

I'm still feeling terribly . . .Rufusy. . .as though that's actually a problem!

I cant wait to get the cd and play "Leaving for Paris" over, and over and over. . .


Dan B (no, not Bennett, think harder) said...

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The group consists of fans of all levels, Garland family members, historians, authors of books on Judy, other entertainers, filmakers, and more. The only thing missing is you!
So, please check out our little Judyville, once you visit us you might never want to leave.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sue...How ya gonna answer "lee's" question?
Well, if anyone can do it, it is you, my dear girl!

Regarding Alanis.....I AM NOT A FAN! I just thought it was so funny or isn't it ironic..he he....that she covered that song. She did it, as satire. If you recall, Rachel admitted on her old blog, that UNIVERSAL wanted her to do the "DON'T CHA" song, that the PussyCat dolls eventually did. My girls and I have wondered how it would have sounded if Rachel did do it.....so, this Alanis cover of MY HUMPS, resonated with me....JUST A GOOF!!! Really, I pledge allegience to the flag, of the United States Of Good Taste In Rock And Roll and or Folk that I am not an AM fan, per se.....or is that say? Anyway, isn't it IRONIC, don't ya think, that I do like IRONIC!!! And, I hear she really is a cool chick!

BTW.....it's my BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!
I got treated for lunch by my girlfriends, and dinner with my family...AND BAUBLES..BEAUTIFUL BAUBLES.....DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL's BESTFRIENDS...yes, the S was on purpose......wooo whoo


lryicsgrl said...


He looked for you, to turn to say "GOOD BYE".....ah, I am swooning!!!!!

Nabonidus said...

He really *is* gorgeous, isn't he?
I admit I'm not as familiar with Rufus' music as I should be. :)
Hey Sue,about the Alanis video- there'd been a discussion about these sorts of songs at LyricSue's blog previously, so it was funny to see that Alanis video. It was like a nod to that previous post.
Probably makes a little more sense, eh? Hehehe
It was cute,your reaction. ;)
Hope all's well, and hope you enjoy the method. It really is like a reading! :) xoxo

ginab said...

neat on the martha plug! omg. She was lucky because of you. And now I'll always remember that!

how funny.


PS: I like R's piano playing

Grace said...

Hi Sue, so awesome. heavy sigh for ya!!

xx grace

Anonymous said...

I lost a MySpace friend?

Elizabeth said...

did you disappear from myspace?
(Ms. Solaka)

BlackVelvetLace said...

::Wondering where Sue's myspace disappeared to (again)!::


Suesjoy said...

I will return to myspaceworld...but i will reappear in an entirely different form.

Elizabeth said...

actually i admired you a lot for dropping out of the time sucker of the universe,(at least for me, not speaking for anyone else) myspace. the only way i rationalize being there is that it's a professional page.
love to you -- you lovely person.
(ms. solaka)

Anonymous said...

Awe, now Del has no one to serenade.. ;(

love ya!

Suesjoy said...

i know sue...
boo hoo...

Suesjoy said...

OMG can I be in your rock band?? I can relate!!!
You need to open up your blog so I can tell you my story!
I will check out your website.