Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life's A BEACH!

Here are my daughter and her friends at Coronado Beach. They had fun burying themselves in the sand.
You can see the Hotel del Coronado in the background. (Click on the photo to see it better). We live about a 15 minute drive from there. I am already getting homesick! (We are moving to Taiwan in July).

Oh man...last Sunday was the PERFECT beach day - a little early, but, hey, it IS San Diego. There wasn't a cloud in the sky.

There were tons of people sailing... I guess (according to Pete Townshend) it's one of the best places in the world to sail. I've never sailed on the ocean here. I started to take sailing lessons on the bay though...but I am just really bad at sailing...well, I can sail but I suck at rigging. That's what scared me away! I DO love to sail though. I even surived a three month Outward Bound course in the Florida Keys - we sailed and hiked through the Keys, the Everglades and Southern Florida. I just wanted a tan and boot camp. I got that and much, much more. I hated it most of the was torture. An ex-boyfriend tricked me into going...he was going to go too, then bailed at the last minute (he never intended on going the bastard!). Oh well, he got me a scholarship. He just wanted my position as assitant General Manager at a college radio station where we both worked. He got it too. Loser.

Below you can see all the sailboats and the Coronado Islands (off the coast of Mexico). Sorry, it's a bit crooked.


VallyP said...

Those pictures make me drool Sue! I so miss beautiful open wide, empty, endless beaches! Are you happy about going back to Taiwan?

Stay well, dear.

Suesjoy said...

Hi Val!
Nice to see you!
Oh I have mixed feelings about Taiwan.
It will be an adventure though...and I have lots of plans, so that's good!
Take care,

Anne-Marie said...

Oh Sue, what amazing pictures. My uncle lives on Coronado- I should go visit. :)

I caught up on your past posts- you saw the Rufus!

lryicsgrl said...

Awe, now you made ME homesick for San Diego!

OOOPS.....I never lived there...but, wish I had!!!

Ah......I will miss you, being in California....but, you do have exciting adventures waiting for you, in Taiwan....I can feel it!!

love ya sweetie

Here by the Sea and Sand
Nothing ever goes as planned.....

Suesjoy said...

But Sue I will probably see you more when I move to Taipei!
You'll be my excuse to take a trip to NYC (the east coast in general).
Thank God for you and the other wonderful bloggers...I can share my tales of woe...and adventure!

YES Anne- Marie- I saw the Rufus!
He is better than ever.
I forgot to mention that he has the best ass in showbiz. I never knew that until I stood right in front of it.

the fact that he is gay makes him no less attractive, in fact it makes him much easierto go gaga over him since hubby isn't jealous! (he is very jealous of my adoration of Pete! silly man).

Delbut said...

lovely pics. you are so lucky. And not wanting to dissapoint, i did notice the bangers in the background. Any chance you finding out where she lives??


BallerinaGurl said...

That is one of my most fav places to hang out and the hotel is a lot of fun!! Stayed there last summer.



Grace said...

It's always a good day at the beach Sue.!!